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I recenty ran for Alderman in my Ward in Chicago because of the lack of real affordable housing, high rents, high unemployment, displacement of residents, increased homelessness, high crime, lack of economic development, school closings, lack of funding to improve our educational system and school institutions.  Unfortunately, we could not raise enough funds for me to effectively compete, so the incumbent was re-elected.  

Today, we still face the challenge of re-electing officials in 2020 who have not progressed our communities on the west-side of Chicago.  I have been asked to run in various campaigns including Congress (7th District), State Representative and Committeeman.  If you feel that I am capable of winning one of these seats and want to support the cause, feel free to donate and let me know which seat you think I should run for...  Thank you and many blessings!

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Vision for the 27th Ward Residents

Unite, Build and Transform


Dear Citizens of the 27th Ward,

After many requests from residents and business owners throughout the ward and much prayer, I have heeded the call to run for Alderman in the 27th Ward as your Visionary and Agent of Change.  All of my life from growing up in Garfield Park, graduating from Marshall High School, living in places like California and New York, building a 30 year executive marketing career to becoming a serial entrepreneur and Minister, I have learned the value of serving and helping others to succeed.   

I have managed many departments and people throughout my career, and I began serving the public as a teenager working in local small businesses in Garfield Park.  This early training taught me how to be a people's person, communicating with all personalities on all levels.  I currently serve approximately 400 individuals per month in one of my not for profit organization including the homeless, low-income families, disabled, ex-offenders and youth, providing housing and job placement, and career development.  I am also an advocate for the growth of small businesses which is why I launched the Garfield Park Chamber of Commerce that has grown from zero to more than 30 prosperous business members in less than one year.  

Out of this Chamber, the new Vision for Garfield Park's re-birth was born.  I knew that it was time to bring HOPE back to the residents of this 'forgotten' community where there has been no development and small business growth since the 1968 riots.  After the current alderman refused to work with the Chamber out of concern for alienating other organization.  I knew that this community would continue to suffer with no development until the aldermanic office saw fit to provide it.

After hosting the first Town Hall in December of 2017, the residents spoke to me and provided surveys as to what they wanted to see in the Garfield community, from businesses to affordable housing.  As the servant and leader that God has shaped me to be, I took these requests and implemented them into the vision for the re-birth of Garfield Park.  Starting from Campbell and Madison on the East to Kenton and Madison on the West, I decided along with the Chamber board to create a development based on our vision and the residents requests.  Thus, the new Garfield Park Art & Design District was formed as the first phase of what is now estimated to be a $100M development to revive and resuscitate the Garfield Park community!

I am a humble Visionary Leader with extensive knowledge and experience in economic development, real-estate, entrepreneurship and corporate partnerships.  I am a spiritual mediator and west side native who can work effectively to bring the gangs together, helping to decrease violence.  

I have a United Vision for the 27th Ward to Transform and Build healthy communities throughout the entire Ward, spreading the Wealth throughout all of the precincts to every citizen, fulfilling visions and dreams.  We will do this together by implementing community-based development without displacement and pay-to-play tactics.  No longer will there be major development in the 27th ward and TIF funds distributed without the full disclosure, and approval of residents. The 27th Ward belongs to the residents and its time that it is given back to the community spreading wealth and economic opportunities, small business growth and funding, ‘real’ affordable housing, and local job opportunities with first-priority given to residents of the 27th ward, thus, decreasing crime significantly.  

The communities within the 27th ward will no longer be separate, we are a united community supporting neighbors, youth and young adults, police officers, business owners and our educational institutions.  As Your Alderman, I will not ignore your requests whether you are homeless, disabled, returning citizen, youth, senior citizen, low-income, middle income or a wealthy resident within the community – your requests, voice and happiness matters.

I believe the only way to create positive change within our communities in every aspect is through the intellect and insight of a true Visionary and Humble Leadership -- and if you allow me, I will be the Visionary Leader and Agent Change the citizens of the 27th Ward are seeking for a better, safer, healthier and more unified community!


“Andrea 'Siri' Hibbler, bringing VISION and Humble Leadership to our communities” 


About Me


My Experience

A native of the Garfield Park community, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from one of the best colleges in Chicago, DePaul University, with a focus on Strategic Marketing, Business Operations and Entrepreneurship and a G.P.A of 3.04.  In addition, I am an Alumni of John Marshall High School, “class of 1981” located in the Garfield Park community and Encino Business Academy located in Southern California, where I graduated at the top of my class.  While in Southern California, my 34 year Marketing Career launched in the computer and software industries, expanding into additional industries including real estate development, banking, CPG, retail, distribution finance, telecommunications, entertainment, staffing and not-for-profit.


My Skillset

I am a licensed and ordained Minister and Spiritual Leader and Visionary, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach and Serial Entrepreneur. While working hard to advance my 34 year Executive Marketing Career to the level of Vice President of Marketing and Sales, I learned how to work very well under pressure and to manage departments, and teams effectively, exceeding goals and expectations. I own and operate several companies including the Garfield Park Chamber of Commerce, that has grown in less than a year to more than 30 plus active, major and SME's corporate memberships.  

I am an advocate for eliminating poverty and building wealth throughout our communities.  I operate several not-for-profit organizations  including   I along with my staff have placed more than 1,800 ex-offenders and homeless individuals on jobs and into housing, in 2017 alone.  

I launched the first Extended After-Care Retreat in the State of Illinois in 2018 to care for individuals suffering with substance and alcohol abuse.  This is the first holistic retreat in the State that is located in Garfield Park that is slated to open in '2019.  In addition, to increase generational wealth, I am launching real-estate program in 2019, allowing individuals to invest $500 to purchase real estate and become home owners without credit and large down-payments.    


My Passions

I am passionate about helping those in need.  Through one of my not-for-profit companies, I provide job training, employment, transportation to job sites and real affordable housing for homeless individuals and families, returning citizens disabled and the young adults.  In addition, I am passionate about working with the teens during my after-school STEAM program helping them to prepare for careers in Data Analytics, Coding and AI, Entertainment (film and tv production), Art and Digital Media.

I also have a passion for helping with the growth of small and medium businesses.  Hosting B2B networking events across the world is a joy.  At one point in my career, I managed 65 global events for six different divisions within the company.  To date, I continue to host networking events through the Chambers of Commerce that I run as well as my events company   Its a joy to know that I have helped businesses secure approximately, $1.5 million in start-up and expansion capital to date through these events and the business plans that I have developed for companies.  I enjoy assisting businesses with growth through my coaching sessions, consulting services and  entrepreneur training programs that I launched 20 years ago.  

Economic Development and Affordable Housing is also at the top of my lists of passions, which is why I along with my partner in the Garfield Park New Community Development Corporation launched a development titled "The Rebirth of Garfield Park"  in 2017 to revitalize the Garfield Park community.  This $Billion development encompass three phases that includes real affordable housing and retail in mixed-use properties, a Design and Art District to attract more artists to the area, the development of the first cooperative Fresh-Mart Grocery Store owned by the community on the west-side of Chicago, a Design and Technology Center, Performing Arts Center and Roof top deck restaurant and coffee house.  This development spans from Madison and Washtenaw/5th Avenue on the East to Kenton and Madison on the west.  I am currently managing and overseeing the financing and budget for the project. 

There has been no development in these west-side communities, since the 1968 riots.

Accomplishments -- 2019 Legacy Leader Award Recipient!


Marketing Career


Because of her courage, tenacity and intelligence, Andrea ‘Siri’ Hibbler was able to advance in her 34 years corporate marketing career from coordinator to Vice President of Marketing working in notable fortune 500 companies like IBM, Transamerica Distribution Finance and Packard Bell, to name a few. 


Launched her first not-for-profit company in 1995, Club NO Inc., a youth organization that encouraged teens to say NO to drugs, guns, gangs and violence. 

Launched marketing firm in 1998 that she grew out of her dining-room from zero start-up funds and no computer, to more than $140,000 in less than six months. 

Produced first television program encouraging teens to help teen "think" before they "react".  The show was picked up by WCIU TV to air in 3 million households.

Launched film and television production company in 2006 that currently has 22 television programs and 14 films in development.

Launched marketing and analytics technology firm.

Launched second not-for-profit organization; a social service agency providing job training, job placement and housing support to the homeless, low-income, disabled, youth and returning citizens.

Launched the new Garfield Park Chamber of Commerce, growing the organization from zero members to more than 30 plus business memberships within 1 year.

Launched $Billion Three Phase Development "The Birth of Garfield Park" under the Garfield Park New Community Development Corporation.

Launched the first Extended After-Care Retreat in the State of Illinois in 2018 for individuals suffering with substance and alcohol abuse.

Launched the Cook County Chanber of Commerce.

Currently completing first book to help individuals cope with pain through hope and faith.

Speaking Engagements/ Business Seminars

Launched a series of monthly entrepreneur seminars in 1999, that featured guest performers like gospel singer, Kim Stratton. Siri also was the guest speaker on leadership and fulfilling the vision God's way at many business events speaking at notable churches such as Salem Baptist (Pastor James Meeks), to hundreds of aspiring and existing business owners.   

Assisting with Small Business Growth

Helped many businesses launch and grow for the past 20 years, developing business plans that helped to obtain start-up and expansion capital of approximately, $1.5M.  Siri continues to teach entrepreneurship through the Garfield Park Chamber of Commerce.


Siri launched her first television program in '2001, titled “Teens Keeping It Real” that was filmed in several Chicago High Schools featuring local and national celebrities and expert guests. The television show encouraged teens to say Yes to higher education while providing preventative solutions to problems such as bullying, teen pregnancy, violence and gang activity. The show grew in popularity among the teens and was picked up for distribution by WCIU TV 26.

Filmed 2nd Television program in 2009 - 2010 titled Sapphire's Poetry Music Cafe at several locations including Reggies on State Street in the South Loop.

Economic Development/Real Estate

Created and implemented the first economic development plan for Garfield Park since the 1968 riots, that is scheduled to break-ground in the spring of 2019.  Phase 1 of the development is a new ‘Design District’ in East Garfield Park that will include a Design and Technology Center, Art Gallery, Center for Performing Arts, Coffee/Internet Café with Roof-top dining, 114 affordable housing units, retail shops and restaurants. 

Siri In the News

When I am Not Working


Yoga for Relaxation, Health and Wellness

Since 2011, I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation at a local studio in the 27th Ward.  I have found that its a great way for me to clear my thoughts and relax from a busy day, while improving my breathing, posture and overall health.



I am a believer in Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I am a licensed and ordained minister and co-Pastor, along with my spouse, Milton at our church, Glory to Yahweh Ministries, located in the Garfield Park community.  Our ministry is very young and we are looking forward to its growth, and the blessing it will continue to be for the people in the 27th Ward and other communities.

Please feel free to follow us on Facebook on the Spiritual Champions page and Glory to Yahweh Ministries.


Family and Supporting Causes

I am a wife and mother of three adult children and two beautiful grand daughters.  When I am not relaxing with the family, Milton and I are always searching for cause related events to participate and support. Whether its participating in hunger walks, serving food to the homeless or jogging in 5K events, we do our best to stay active in the community, supporting the efforts of other non profit organizations throughout the city.

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Siri Hibbler for the 27th Ward!

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